Veteran Edges

Requirements: Veteran, Command, Spirit d8+
A simple phrase uttered by a great leader can sometimes have momentous results. A leader with this ability can inspire his men to bloody fervor by yelling a motto, slogan, or other inspirational words. Those in the command radius add +1 to their Fighting damage rolls.

Giant Killer
Requirements: Veteran
The bigger they are, the harder they are to kill. At least for most. But your hero knows how to find the weak points in massive creatures.
Your hero does +1d6 damage when attacking creatures three sizes or more larger than himself. An ogre (Size +3) with this ability, for example, gains the bonus only against creatures of Size +6 or greater. A human Giant Killer (Size 0), can claim the bonus against the ogre, however.

Harder to Kill
Requirements: Veteran, Hard to Kill
Your hero is tougher to kill than Rasputin. If he is ever “killed,” roll a die. On an odd result, he’s dead as usual. On an even roll, he’s Incapacitated but somehow escapes death. He may be captured, stripped of all his belongings, or mistakenly left for dead, but he somehow survives.

Improved Block
Requirements: Veteran, Block
As above, but the hero adds +2 to his Parry.

Improved Counterattack
Requirements: Veteran, Counterattack
As above but the character may ignore the –2 penalty.

Improved Dodge
Requirements: Veteran, Dodge
As above but attackers subtract 2 from their attack rolls, and the character adds +2 to evade area effect weapons when allowed

Improved Frenzy
Requirements: Veteran, Frenzy
As above but the character may ignore the –2 Frenzy penalty.

Improved Martial Artist
Requirements: Veteran, Martial Arts, Fighting d10+
The character now adds +d6 to his bare-handed damage.

Improved Rapid Recharge
Requirements: Veteran, Rapid Recharge
The character regains 1 Power Point every 15 minutes.

Improved Sweep
Requirements: Veteran, Sweep
As above but the hero may ignore the –2 penalty.

Improved Trademark Weapon
Requirements: Veteran, Trademark Weapon
As above but the bonus when using the weapon increases to +2.

Leader of Men
Requirements: Veteran, Command
Command comes easy to this commander. Those under his command work like a well-oiled machine when he’s in charge. Allies under the leader’s command roll a d10 as the Wild Die instead of a d6 when making group rolls.

Veteran Edges

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