Novice Edges

Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+
Your hero is as deft with his left hand as he is with his right. Characters normally suffer a –2 penalty when performing physical tasks with the off-hand (characters are assumed to be right-handed). With this Edge, your warrior ignores the –2 penalty for using his off-hand (see page 75).

Arcane Resistance
Requirements: Novice, Spirit d8+
This individual is particularly resistant to magic, whether by nature or by heritage. He acts as if he had 2 points of Armor when hit by damage-causing arcane powers, and adds +2 to his Trait rolls when resisting opposed powers. Even friendly arcane powers must subtract this modifier to affect the resistant hero.

Requirements: Novice, Vigor d6+
It’s no secret that beautiful people have an easier time getting their way in life. This Edge grants your beautiful or handsome character +2 to Charisma.

Beast Bond
Requirements: Novice
Some individuals can exert incredible will over their animal companions. These characters may spend their own Bennies for any animals under their control, including mounts, pet dogs, familiars, and so on.

Beast Master
Requirements: Novice, Spirit d8+
Animals like your hero, and won’t attack him unless he attacks them first or they are enraged for some reason. His “animal magnetism” is so great he’s attracted a loyal animal of some sort as well. This is typically a dog, wolf, or raptor, though the GM may allow other companions if it fits the setting. The beast is an Extra (not a Wild Card). If it should be killed, the hero finds a replacement in 2d6 days.

Requirements: Novice
Immediately after suffering a wound (including a Shaken result from physical damage), your hero must make a Smarts roll or go Berserk.
While Berserk, his Parry is reduced by 2 but he adds +2 to all Fighting, Strength, melee damage rolls, and Toughness. The warrior ignores all wound modifiers while Berserk, but cannot use any skills, Edges, or maneuvers that require concentration, including Shooting and Taunt, but not Intimidation.
Berserkers attack with reckless abandon. Anytime his Fighting die is a 1 (regardless of his Wild Die), he hits a random adjacent target (not the original target). The attack may hit friend as well as foe. If there are no other adjacent targets, the blow simply misses.
The Berserker may end his rage by doing nothing (not even moving) for one full action and making a Smarts roll at –2.

Requirements: Novice, Spirit d6+
Those with this Edge have learned to master their fear. Or perhaps are so jaded or emotionally distant they’ve just lost their normal “fight or flight” responses. Either way, your hero adds +2 to Fear tests. If the character is in a setting that uses Guts as a Setting Rule, it adds to that as well.

Requirements: Novice, Strength and Vigor d6+
Your bruiser is very large or perhaps just very fit. His bulk resists damage better than most and adds +1 to his Toughness. In addition, the character can carry more than most proportional to his Strength. He can carry 8 times his Strength in pounds without penalty instead of the usual 5 times his Strength.

Requirements: Novice, Spirit d8+
Your hero has learned how to work with others, even those who might be somewhat opposed to him or his efforts. This adds +2 to his Charisma.

Requirements: Novice, Smarts d6+
Command is the ability to give clear instructions to surrounding allies and enforce your hero’s will upon them. This makes your character’s compatriots more willing to fight on despite their wounds, and so adds +1 to their Spirit rolls to recover from being Shaken.

Command Presence
Requirements: Novice, Command
A booming voice, effective commands, natural charisma, or simple training results in a much more effective combat element. At the center of that element is the officer in command. A hero with this Edge has a “command radius” of 10” instead of the usual 5”.

Common Bond
Requirements: Wild Card, Novice, Spirit d8+
This Edge signifies a special link between close companions—such as a typical party. It doesn’t matter whether or not the characters get along perfectly or not, they’ve just formed a close and common bond during their epic adventures. A character with this Edge may freely give his Bennies to any other Wild Card he can communicate with. This represents the character giving his verbal or spiritual support to the ally.
The player should say what his character is doing to give the support. The gesture could be as complex as a rousing speech, or as simple as a knowing nod.

Requirements: Novice
Whether it’s to the Star Readers, the Dessunian Army, or the Reliquarium, your character knows someone on the inside— someone who is willing to lend her a hand on occasion (usually once per game session).
This Edge may be taken more than once, but each time must be applied to a different organization. The GM should also ensure the organization is limited to a single, unique organization. A hero may, for instance, have Connections (Dessunian Army), but he shouldn’t have a blanket Connections (Military). To use a character’s Connections requires that she first get in touch with one of her contacts. This requires a Streetwise roll. Failure means the particular contact wasn’t available. Once in contact, the hero must make a Persuasion roll. The GM should feel free to modify both the Persuasion roll and any results based on the circumstances.
A failure indicates the heroine’s contacts just couldn’t come through this time, or perhaps just weren’t persuaded that their help was really necessary. On a success, the contact might share information, but won’t do anything too risky to help. On a raise, the contact is willing to leak sensitive information, but stops short of outright betrayal.
Two or more raises means the heroine has pushed the right buttons and can count on serious help. The Connection will risk serious consequences for the heroine, and if she needs financial assistance, may provide more than he’s comfortable with. If the heroine asks for muscle, the contact delivers either one expert (a mage, spy, etc. or five average fighter-types for the contact’s particular organization (a guild leader send 5 thugs, the army sends five infantrymen, etc.).

Danger Sense
Requirements: Novice
Your hero can sense when something bad is about to happen. Anytime he’s about to be the victim of a surprise attack, ambush, or other nasty surprise, he gets a Notice roll at –2 just before the attack or event occurs. If successful, the character knows something is about to happen and may take appropriate action against it. This means the hero is on
Hold for the first round of a combat. Should the hero fail his roll, he still follows the normal Surprise rules, if applicable (see page 65).

Requirements: Novice
Your hero wasn’t literally born in the water, but some might believe he was. He takes to water like a fish and can hold his breath longer than most others. Natural swimmers add +2 to their Swimming rolls, add +1 to their Swimming Pace, and can hold their breath 50% longer than others of their species.

Requirements: Novice, Spirit d8+
When this spirited hero puts his heart into something it tends to pay off in big ways. When you spend a Benny on a Trait roll (including Soak rolls), add +2 to the final total.

Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+
When a character normally withdraws from a melee, his attacker gets a free attack before he does so—a very dangerous proposition for most. Your hero is adept at retreating from an engagement. Make an Agility roll. If successful, one opponent doesn’t get a free attack anytime you disengage (see page 76).

Fast Healer
Requirements: Novice, Vigor d8+
Some individuals just seem to heal faster than others. Those with this blessing add +2 to Vigor rolls when checking for natural healing. See page 78 for complete rules on Healing.

First Strike
Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+
Once per turn the hero (if not Shaken) gets a free Fighting attack against a single foe who moves adjacent to him. This automatically interrupts the opponent’s action and does not cost the hero his action if he is on Hold or has not yet acted this round.

Requirements: Novice, Agility d6+
The hero’s Pace is increased by +2 and he rolls a d10 instead of a d6 when running.

Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+, Fighting d8+
A character trained to fight “Florentine” is a master at wielding two weapons at once. He adds +1 to his Fighting rolls versus an opponent with a single weapon and no shield.
In addition, opponents subtract 1 from any “gang up” bonuses they would normally get against the fighter as his two flashing blades parry their blows.

Hard to Kill
Requirements: Wild Card, Novice, Spirit d8+
This adventurer has more lives than a truckload of cats. When forced to make Vigor rolls due to Incapacitation, he may ignore his wound modifiers. This only applies to Vigor rolls called for to resist Incapacitation or death (see page 68). He still suffers from wound modifiers for other Trait rolls normally.

Requirements: Novice, Spirit d8+
A hero with this Edge adds +2 to all Healing rolls (including natural healing rolls for his own wounds), whether natural or magical in nature. Up to five companions traveling with a Healer add the bonus to their natural healing rolls as well.

Improved Arcane Resistance
Requirements: Novice, Arcane Resistance
As above but Armor and resistance are increased to 4.

Improved Extraction
Requirements: Novice, Extraction
As above but if you succeed with a raise all opponents currently in melee with the character lose their free attack as your warrior withdraws.

Liquid Courage
Requirements: Novice, Vigor d8+
Your hero processes alcohol far differently than most. The round after consuming a stiff drink (at least 8 ounces of hard liquor or equivalent), the character’s Vigor increases by one die type (increasing Toughness as well). The hard drinker can also ignore one level of wound modifiers (which stacks with other abilities that do the same). The effect lasts for one hour after it begins. If the drunkard seeks inebriation he suffers –2 to Smarts and Agility-based rolls for as long as he continues to drink and the next 1d6 hours thereafter.

Requirements: Novice
The adventurer seems to be blessed by fate, karma, the gods, or whatever external forces he believes in (or believe in him!) He draws one extra Benny at the beginning of each game session, allowing him to succeed at important tasks more often than most, and survive incredible dangers.

Martial Artist
Requirements: Novice, Fighting d6+
This character is highly trained in hand-to-hand fighting. He is never considered unarmed in combat and so is never subject to the Unarmed Defender rule (page 76). With a successful unarmed attack, he adds +d4 to his Strength roll (as if he were using a small weapon).

Natural Leader
Requirements: Novice, Command, Spirit d8+
This Edge signifies a special link between a leader and his men. With it, he may share his Bennies with any troops under his command.

Nerves of Steel
Requirements: Wild Card, Novice, Vigor d8+
Your hero has learned to fight on through the most intense pain. He may ignore 1 point of wound penalties.

New Power
Requirements: Novice, Arcane Background
An arcane character may learn a new power by choosing this Edge (which may be taken multiple times). He may choose from any powers normally available to his particular Arcane Background.

One of the Chosen
Requirements: Novice, Spirit d6+
Your character gains either a +1 to attack rolls vs. supernatural evil or they suffer a –1 penalty to attack rolls to hit him—your choice.
You may take this Edge a second time but only after achieving a new Rank to gain the other ability.

Power Points
Requirements: Novice, Arcane Background (Any)
Wizards, druids, and other arcane types always want more power. This Edge grants them an additional 5 Power Points.
Power Points may be selected more than once, but only once per Rank.

Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+
Quick characters have lightning-fast reflexes and a cool head. Whenever you are dealt a 5 or lower in combat, you may discard and draw again until you get a card higher than 5.
Characters with both the Level Headed and Quick Edges draw their additional card and take the best as usual. If that card is a Five or less, the Quick Edge may be used to draw a replacement until it’s Six or higher.

Quick Draw
Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+
This Edge allows a hero to draw a weapon as a free action (and thus ignore the usual –2 multi-action penalty if he chooses to attack or do something else as well). If the character must make an Agility roll to draw a weapon (see page 66), he adds +2 to the roll.

Requirements: Novice, Notice d6+, Tracking d6+
Scouts have learned to watch the signs and trust their instincts when it comes to navigating the vast wilderness.
Any time the GM draws a face card while traveling (indicating a random encounter has occurred), a scout may make a Notice roll (–2). If successful, the scout detects the hazard, creature, or situation at the earliest opportunity, likely giving his party time to avoid it or at least attack it on their own terms. Don’t forget to remind the GM you have this Edge if your posse’s going to be traveling.
Scouts also gain +2 to Notice rolls made to avoid surprise in tactical situations.

Snakeoil Salesman
Requirements: Novice, Smarts d6+, Spirit d6+, Persuasion d8+
With honey-dewed lips that weave lies and fabrications like they were the Cosmic truth, this smooth talker could sell seawater to Shellman or sand to a Dessunian.
The character gains a +2 bonus to noncombat
Persuasion rolls. He can also use his forked tongue to initiate a Persuasion Test of
Will, opposed by the target’s Smarts.

Steady Hands
Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+
Your hero ignores the “unstable platform” penalty for firing from the backs of animals or while riding in moving vehicles.
In addition, when performing actions while Running (see page 65), his penalty is –1 instead of –2.

Strong Willed
Requirements: Novice, Intimidation d6+, Taunt d6+
Characters with strong willpower use their voice, steely stares, or quick wits to unnerve their opponents. Strong Willed adds +2 to a character’s Intimidation and Taunt rolls, as well as his Spirit and Smarts rolls when resisting Test of Wills attacks.

Sweep allows a character to make a single Fighting attack and apply it against all currently adjacent targets at a –2 penalty (friends and foes alike—be careful). Resolve each damage roll separately. The attack is applied immediately when rolled and only affects targets adjacent at that time.
A character may not use Sweep in the same round she uses Frenzy, nor may she Sweep more than once per round, or with a second weapon held in another hand. In effect, the hero may only perform Sweep once per action unless she somehow gets two entire actions (perhaps under the effects of a spell or power, for example).

Tower of Will
Requirements: Novice, Spirit d8+, Vigor d8+
Some people know their minds better than others and have trained to keep it that way. A character with this Edge may add +2 to any attempt to resist being mentally controlled by unnatural means, whether by a creature’s Special Ability, magical artifact, or magical spell. The +2 bonus also applies to resisting Tests of Wills.

Trademark Weapon
Requirements: Novice, Fighting or Shooting of d10+
The hero knows one unique weapon (Excalibur, Old Betsy, Sting) like the back of his hand. When using that weapon, he adds 1 to his Fighting, Shooting, or Throwing rolls. A hero can take this Edge multiple times, applying it to a different weapon each time. If a Trademark Weapon is lost, the hero can replace it, but the benefit of the Edge doesn’t kick in for two game weeks.
Requirements: Novice, Agility d8

A Two-Fisted hero isn’t ambidextrous—he’s simply learned to fight with two weapons (or both fists) at once. When attacking with a weapon in each hand, he rolls each attack separately but ignores the multi-action penalty (see page 66).

Very Attractive
Requirements: Novice, Attractive
Your hero is drop-dead gorgeous. His Charisma is increased to +4.

Wilderness Man
Requirements: Novice, Smarts d8+, Vigor d6+, Notice d8+, Survival d6+, Tracking d6+
Whether they live in the high passes around Tissera, the Plain of the Fallen, or the deserts, wilderness men are used to the rigors of nature and take extremes of weather in stride.
They gain +2 to Survival and Tracking. In addition, lifetimes of exposure to nature’s fury give them a +2 bonus to Vigor rolls to resist Fatigue from Heat or Cold (see Savage Worlds).

Novice Edges

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