Great Claw

The Great Claw is home to the descendants of the original people to inhabit Varaldia. Long ago the continent was heavily populated by elves and humans but the two races were mostly segregated. When the god-kings that helped each race either died or disappeared the strife and civil wars that followed forced the disillusioned members of both races together into an alliance. This alliance, although rocky at times, ensured their survival. The five factions that exist today are the descendants of that alliance.
Although there has been some interbreeding between the two groups, leading to a larger than normal half-elven population, due to the low rate of childbirth between such unions the elves and humans are still distinct from one another.
Membership in a clan or tribe is based more on location, religious values, and the holding of various oaths. Each clan has their own, magically binding oaths that the leaders swear to take and uphold. The common people generally follow local leaders, who in turn follow an Oathtaker. Due to their longer lifespans, elves have naturally risen to many places of importance and leadership in all the clans.
The names of the clans, and more information about them, are here:

Clans of the Claw

The Lidora Tribe
Clan Galani
The Rauraci Tribe
The Ryusiach Clan
The Issedol Tribe

Extinct Clans:

The Sakani Clan
The Inshar


Great Claw

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