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  • Lord Sperrin

    Lord Sperrin is very tall with striking features. A true nobleman, he takes his duties more seriously than some of his fellows. He is the king’s right hand man and is in charge of intelligence gathering for the war effort against Corandol.

  • Asynnia "Gorgon" Worosi

    Asynnia Worosi is a charming and open woman. She is quite rich and holds a high place in the society of [[Taru Maaj]], despite being an outsider. Her popularity and her money keep her safe from the otherwise xenophobic actions of the empire. She is also a …

  • Captain Grolo

    Captain Grolo is a capable warrior. He wears plate armor and a red cloak. Although he disdains mercenaries he is willing to give respect for a job well done. He currently commands the garrison at Fort Mormyth.

  • Turil Half-Horn

    The leader of the Blue Phoenix mercenary company. He is a human warrior who bears the scars of many battles. He is gruff but has the best interests of the company and its members in mind. Currently the Blue Phoenix company is contracted to King Adumir of …

  • King Adumir

    King Adumir is a man in his late 40’s and is beginning to show his age and the stress of ruling a kingdom. He has wispy blonde hair and icy blue eyes and is of average height and weight. King Adumir is a good king, but he is not a military man and the …

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