The Falling Star

(The Bounty of the Stars)

The party made their way back to Scoars and returned the bodies of the missing people to the city watch. They stayed the night in Scoras and sold some of their loot for a tidy sum and also bought a number of items. During the shopping trip Xan realized that his amulet had gone missing. Surmising that it was stolen by some unknown party, the group helped Xan look for the amulet. They scoured the inn where thay had stayed and even followed up on some leads that took them to some known thieves. Ultimately however they were not able to recover the amulet and they returned to Fort Mormyth.

After requesting to take a leave of absence,the party decided to accept the invitation to the Star Readers Pillar. They set off on their journey which has taken about 5 days so far. As they neared the Pillar they encountered a swarm of spiders and have begun to notice that the woods seem darker and webs have begun appearing in the trees…


JacobGardner JacobGardner

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