Searching for the Missing

(The Bounty of the Stars)

After a few days more at the fortress, reinforcements arrived from a southern garrison and soon builders and carpenters showed up and began repairing the buildings and outer walls. Turil Half-Horn also arrived and ordered the characters to investigate the disappearance of magic users in the town of Scoras, about a half day’s journey to the north.
The PCs traveled to Scoras and through various investigative efforts tracked the missing magic users (two druids and a mage) to a cave along the shores of Lake Rikkir northeast of Scoras. After defeating the cave’s guardians who seemed to be Corandol soldiers who had been reanimated from death by an otherworldly power, the PCs noticed an island out on the lake which wasn’t there before.
Taking a boat out to the island, the PCs managed to land undetected and infiltrate a temple on the island through its sewer system. Once inside the temple they freed the mage and defeated hellhounds and a powerful cultist mage. They also encountered a red haired woman who seemed to be the cultists superior, however she teleported away.
The PCs interrupted a ritual that the cultist was performing, however before he died he proclaimed that the ritual had still succeeded in doing what he had intended and that “the fruit had fallen.” The PCs left the island wondering at the cultist’s last words…


JacobGardner JacobGardner

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