(The Bounty of the Stars)

After spending a week or so resting, researching, and replenishing their gear at the Star Reader’s Pillar the heroes set off for Maaj Dessunah. Lord Sperrin had given them instructions to go by way of Sarkheen, a small city on the northern shore of Lake Rikkir. There they would find “Gorgon” an operative working for Oshurin. They traveled across the Plain of the Fallen for days. As they neared Sarkheen they got separated as an unnatural fog descneded at nightfall. The fog heralded the rise of specters and a horrific vine monster that attacked two of the heroes. The sounds of battle eventually allowed the rest of the party to find their besieged comrades and together they were able to destroy the undead and drive off the vine creature.
After finishing their journey to Sarkheen the PCs booked a room in The Broken Chain, an inn at the cities center. The heroes had to conceal Rogarath’s identity from the city guard in order to go unnoticed.
The PCs found Gorgon in a brothel named Jemm’s Gems and she turned out to be a beautiful woman who took them into the back room of the brothel to talk…


JacobGardner JacobGardner

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