Journey to the Pillar

(The Bounty of the Stars)

The PCs made their way deep into the heart of the forest wary of danger on all sides. They eventually found a path and continued along it until they found the remnants of a caravan that had been attacked by some large creatures. Seeing that things had been dragged off the path into the forest, the heroes surmised that there may have been survivors.
Following the drag marks they stumbled (literally in Calcifer’s case) into a den of spiders led by an albino shape-shifting spider known as an aranea. After defeating the aranea and freeing its prisoners, the Pc’s were surprised to discover that on of the captives was Lord Sperrin, King Adumir’s right hand man.
Sperrin was on his way to the Star Reader’s Pillar and then to Fort Mormyth where he had planned to task the PC’s with a mission. Seeing as they were all going to the same place, the PCs escorted him to the Pillar and they, Lord Sperrin, and the Star Reader Jonakar all sat down for a council in which several important points were revealed.
The falling star that was seen crashing to earth is actually the “fruit” or “seed” of another world. it was drawn to this world by the power of the old cultists’s ritual which the PCs interrupted. Because of the interference of the heroes, the seed did not land in the right place. Instead it crashed farther north in the empire of Maaj Dessunah. Lord Sperrin orders the PCs to travel to Taru Maaj, the capital city of the empire, find put where the seed landed, and, if possible, bring it back to Oshurin…


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