Journey to the Fortress

(The Bounty of the Stars)

The party began their journey when they were ordered by their commanding officer, Turil Half-Horn, to secure Fort Mormyth for the kingdom of Oshurin. The fortress was previously a border outpost for Oshurin but was abandoned about 20 years ago. Due to recent tensions with Corandol the outpost is being manned again. Unfortunately Oshurin’s army is not what it once was and they have hired the Blue Phoenix Mercenary Company to supplement their strength.

The characters are an elite squad within the Blue Phoenix who take on missions that are more difficult or complicated than the normal soldier could handle. The PCs are tasked with making sure the keep is clear so that the masons and builders can move in and repair the fortifications.

The PCs made their way to the fortress after running into a Corandol patrol along the way. They secured the fortress, routing a goblin tribe who had taken up residence in the keep’s Great Hall and also taking care of a beetle colony that had infested one of the towers.

After spending the night in the gatehouse, the characters had a visitor early the next morning. This visitor, an old man named Jonakar, claimed to be a member of the Star Readers. He told the characters that his order had seen signs of their arrival and that a prophecy made 20 years ago told that when Fort Mormyth was retaken it would signal a great shift in region’s balance of power.


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