In the City of Sarkheen

(The Bounty of the Stars)

The heroes met with Asynnia “Gorgon” Worosi, a beautiful woman who is somewhat familiar with the higher society of Maaj Dessunah despite her ownership of several brothels throughout the empire. Asynnia told them that in order to travel north to the capital of Taru Maaj the heroes would need convincing travel papers. These papers used a semi-magical ink which only one forger in the city could work with. Asynnia asked the PCs to pay back a favor she owed the forger (an eladrin named Terrid) in order to gain his services.
As the PCs were leaving the brothel Rogarath was recognized by a Praetor of the Dessunian army and a fight ensued. The PCs were able to defeat the soldiers and some of themore gold hungry patrons in the brothel, but were forced to flee. With Rogarath now known to be in the city it made it harder to move around unnoticed.
After spending the night in the sewers Aiden, Calcifer, and Xan were able to make their way to Terrid’s house. He informed them that he would be willing to make the forgeries but that his supplier of the special ink, a halfling named Arnoa Helmbright, had tripled his prices in the last month. Terrid wants the party to go to his suppliers ranch and get the ink out of him by whatever means they can short of killing him…


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