Digging Up Dirt

(The Bounty of the Stars)

The PCs traveled outside the city of Sarkheen, using the sewers to escape notice. After reaching Arnoa Helmbright’s ranch house they confronted him about the high ink prices. Managing to secure a private meeting with him they agreed that if the PCs could take care of Constable Garston, who had been cracking down on smuggling as of late, that Arnoa would sell the ink at its original price.
The party began surveilling Constable Garston and the Praetor of the Dessunian garrison in the city. They learned that there was a movement within the city that opposed the Empire’s influence and had been vandalizing buildings and causing mischief. The constables nephew was a part of this group and they managed to convince the constable to look the other way in exchange for letting him arrest the subversive group without having his nephew implicated. This also had the effect of making the Dessunians look foolish, as they had been doing their own investigation.
With the pressure off of Arnoa, the PC got the ink (even managing to swindle a few hundred gold out of Terrid in the process) and Terrid was able to make their papers.
The party headed northward with Asynnia and a few of her servants. As they went further north the plain became drier and dustier. Stopping at a wayside shrine of Pelor the PCs encountered a group of thugs who had been desecrating shrines in the name of Sinmir the Dragon King. Enraged at the desecration Foscoe attacked them, forcing the party into a confrontation. After a hard fight the party emerged victorious, even securing three red drake mounts. As they went back to the wagons a troop of 30 or so goblins surprised and surrounded the party, having taken Asynnia hostage…


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